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It appears like it’s doing yoga or something. Or maybe it’s just mentally handicapped. Personally, I feel it ran into a wall (hence the face) and then got tousled (therefore the rolling round of the pinnacle). It might be cuter if it wasn’t so squished, sorry.

The one that owns this pc is just about prepared to put in community nanny so I can’t come to this blogsite or some other Morgellons web site. This computer is operating so sluggish on broadband, is not sensible. Also the internet will simply shut down at occasions -especially when issues are hotting up with my blogging.

Comment – Our nominator’s options instantly above recommend to me that they might not have yet absolutely explored what makes the wikipedia totally different from a standard, linear, paper encyclopedia. Captain McCarthy is a recurring figure. He played a central function as a liason between the prison and the captives’ habeas counsel. He played a central position within the efforts to limit access between the habeas counsel and their purchasers. He performed a central function in reporting the deaths of the 4 men the DoD described as suicides, being the first particular person to supply a first hand account of key particulars. He was a vocal advocate of the DoD’s account that the captives have been being treated humanely. He may very well be mentioned in all these articles. But it is a disservice to readers to not have a central place which would allow readers who were studying concerning the suicides, or the affidavits, to look into McCarthy’s different roles. That central place must be the article about him.